Strange tabbed dialog message pump issue

I am running into a nasty issue that I don't quite understand.

My application has a tabbed dialog type control (Stingray Tab-Wnd control) 
contained in a CFormView object.  Within some of the tabs are 
CDialog-derived windows containing a grid control.   I initialize all tab 
windows when the form view opens.   The grid control also has an 
OnInitialUpdate method that gets called.   When a tab is clicked, if it's 
the first time, a call is made to the tab to fill the grid.

After the CFormView initialization is complete I active the first tab 
programatically and it fills it's grid.

If I click on a certain tab (Tab B)  immediately after the tab control 
appears or even better before it becomes visible (I know the area it will 
appear in) my application blows up intermittently.   I have tracked down the 
problem to the ConfigureList method of my grid control.  It blows up early 
in that method, but not on a particular command (an assertion does not get 
thrown).   This confuses me.   I discovered that the initialzation 
(OnInitialUpdate) of the grid cotnrol is not completing prior to this call 
being made resulting from the tab click event.

I do not have any multithreading going on in my code.   It appears that the 
message to the tab control/window is interupting the initialization 
sequence.   I've used some bool flags and put in some logging and have 
confirmed that the one grid is not getting initialized in time and never 
does once the process has been interupted.

I've tried several different things to fix this but since the init is hosed 
once the event has occured I think the best way to fix it is to not allow 
the tab control to receive messages until all tab/grid have been 

Any thoughts on a way to do this or do you guys have any troubleshooting 
advice?   I know it's difficult without seeing the code but there is just 
too much to post.

Thanks much.

ericm1 (7)
8/11/2008 6:26:33 PM
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