Sr C++ Developer Opening in Baton Rouge, LA


Please see the full details below:   

The company offers a comprehensive line of software 
solutions for the home health industry.  Embarking on its 
sixteenth year of exclusive service to home care, we are 
a market leader in information management systems.  Our 
applications cover the gamut from intake and scheduling, 
through point-of-care and billing. In addition, the 
Financial Services Division of the company offers unique 
products for advanced financial analysis and management 
of home care cash flow.

This person will be responsible for designing and 
developing an Object-Oriented health care product in a 
Windows environment


BSCS or equivalent degree or relevant experience 
4-7 years minimum Windows development experience with the 
Object-Oriented development in C++
Object-Oriented design and development methodologies
GUI design using Visual Studio
Client/Server database development 

Excellent communication skills 
Excellent problem solving skills 
Ability to produce well-written and detailed design 
specifications (including architecture, flow and APIs for 
a given area) 

Preferred Skills/Experience:

Experience in the healthcare industry is desirable 
Work performed in a large codebase with a team of 
Experience with distributed and disconnected systems 
architecture, WindowsCE 

This is a priority position.  Please forward a matching 
word copy of your resume to me as soon as possible if 
this interests you.

11/5/2003 5:45:01 PM
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