Size of dynamically allocated array

What's the easiest way to determine the size (number of objects) of a
dynamically allocated array?


9/26/2003 4:04:57 PM
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While it's probably not reliable, I did find that the address you get back
from the 'new' operator is not the actual starting address of the allocated
block.  If you subtract sizeof(DWORD)*4 from that address and then read the
value at that address, you'll have the requested size, but not the actual
size that the memory manager allocated.  For example:

char *p = new char[1234];
strcpy(p, "Hello World!"); // not necessary but does help to locate stuff in
char *a = p - (sizeof(DWORD) * 4);
DWORD dwVal = *a; // should be 1234

In this example, the actual size of the block was 1304 bytes.

"Chip Pulitzer" <> wrote in message
> What's the easiest way to determine the size (number of objects) of a
> dynamically allocated array?
> Chip

david.crow (132)
9/26/2003 8:21:58 PM

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