SaveBarState fails when it is called from a thread #2


In my application, I use SaveBarState() for persisting control bar
The code fragment is something like this.

void CMainFrame::OnSavePersistance()
	SaveBarState(_T("My Persistence"));
       // Saves some information to an xml file

Since my xml saving takes some time I changed the code to execute in a

UINT ThreadFn(LPVOID pParam)
	CMainFrame* pThis = (CMainFrame*)pParam;
	pThis->SaveBarState(_T("My Persistence"));

	return 0;

void CMainFrame::OnCntrlbartst()
	AfxBeginThread( ThreadFn, this );

But, now in the thread function SaveBarState() fails. It shows some
assertion in debug version. I think it is due to some mismatch in

statck trace for assert
CWnd::AssertValid() line 879 + 25 bytes
CControlBar::AssertValid() line 976
CStatusBar::AssertValid() line 732
AfxAssertValidObject(const CObject * 0x00431510 {CStatusBar
hWnd=0x00180c7e}, const char * 0x5f4ccfe8 THIS_FILE, int 531) line 108
CControlBar::GetBarInfo(CControlBarInfo * 0x00433d70) line 534
CFrameWnd::GetDockState(CDockState & {CDockState}) line 520
CFrameWnd::SaveBarState(const char * 0x0041844c `string') line 443
ThreadFn(void * 0x00431450) line 174

How can I avoid this problem?
faisalm83 (35)
7/9/2008 8:43:09 AM
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