Question about MFC source code.

Hi, all,

I find that there are some redefinitions in afxHH.h. Something looks like

#define HID_FILE_MRU_FILE1                      0x1E110

#define HID_FILE_MRU_FILE1                      0x1E111 // aliases: MRU_2 -

#define HID_FILE_MRU_FILE1                      0x1E112

#define HID_FILE_MRU_FILE1                      0x1E113

#define HID_FILE_MRU_FILE1                      0x1E114

#define HID_FILE_MRU_FILE1                      0x1E115

#define HID_FILE_MRU_FILE1                      0x1E116

#define HID_FILE_MRU_FILE1                      0x1E117

#define HID_FILE_MRU_FILE1                      0x1E118

#define HID_FILE_MRU_FILE1                      0x1E119

#define HID_FILE_MRU_FILE1                      0x1E11A

#define HID_FILE_MRU_FILE1                      0x1E11B

#define HID_FILE_MRU_FILE1                      0x1E11C

#define HID_FILE_MRU_FILE1                      0x1E11D

#define HID_FILE_MRU_FILE1                      0x1E11E

#define HID_FILE_MRU_FILE1                      0x1E11F

What��s the meaning? Does anyone know?

As you know, this file is MFC source code. However, I would have a lot of
warnings when I include this file in my source code. I don��t know how to
eliminate these warnings.

Are there any friends at Microsoft? Could you give me the answer?



4/23/2004 8:18:49 AM
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How about using the #pragma warning directive?

"Frank Wang" <> wrote in message
> I don��t know how to
> eliminate these warnings.

4/23/2004 6:17:08 PM

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