Pushing data onto an HTTP server.

Hello all,

I have an application that may have to push JPG type images onto an HTTP 
server.  A quick question for the gurus that hang around here ..

I see that I can establish an HTTP connection via class CHttpConnection, 
but I'm not sure what has to be done at the MFC application end (the 
pusher) and at the HTTP server end.

I suspect I have to tell the webmaster to run a CGI script that will accept 
the image.  Does the Webmaster have to do anything else? Secondly, what do 
I have to do at the application end?  I have to bundle up the image and 
transmit it along the connection.  Is there any problem with a "push" of 
250-400 KB worth of data?

Assume that I have a 100 Base/T pipe.

If anyone has done this before and has some sample code, I'd appreciate it.



10/24/2003 11:52:36 PM
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