Problems with a MFC ODBC consumer class on ISAPI server


I'm trying to read and write to an Access database, using an ISAPI server.

In order to do so, I've configured a MFC ODBC consumer class with the
following configuration:

- "Data Source" on the machine = Access Database (second Property Sheet of
"Select Datasource")
- "Type" is Dynaset
- "Bind all columns" checked.

The resulting connection string is the following:

------------ Example 1 ------------
CString CDatabase::GetDefaultConnect()
    return _T("DSN=MS Access

When I open the database through the command:

------------ Example 2 ------------
CDatabase db;


The ISAPI server raises an exception that cannot be catched. I'm struggling
a lot to debug it. I have even tried to following connection strings:

------------ Example 3 ------------
1: DSN=MS Access
a;DriverId=25;FIL=MS Access;MaxBufferSize=2048;PageTimeout=5;UID=admin;

2: DSN=MS Access

But I still have the same problem. I use the same procedure to access the
database through a Document/View application and everything works fine as
Example 1, but I'm very confused now.

Thank you very much for your attention.

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8/16/2003 5:04:33 PM
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