Problems saving HKLM

Hi there,

I am trying to save the reg keys into a file:

My program has both "SeBackupPrivilege" and  "SeRestorePrivilege". I am 
using the RegSaveKey API.

The program succesfully stores these: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT

The machine does not store these: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE  HKEY_USERS
Error ("Access is denied").

Can someone tell me how to save the HKLM amd HKU? This probably what the 
problem is:

RegSaveKey takes a "handle is returned by the RegCreateKeyEx or RegOpenKeyEx 
function, or it can be one of the following
predefined keys:


Now my guess HKLM is in some sense built in and hence I am running into this 
problem.  Can you suggest a solution for this
problem? How can I dump HKLM into a file?  The only solution I see to look 
deeper into the registry and potentially do a
registry traversal.



5/14/2005 4:06:01 PM
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