printer security settings in registry from MFC or Win32API

Hi to all,

I am trying to make a service for controlling print jobs for Win NT/2000/XP
platform. I realized it would be very convenient to set the following
printer security settings for USERS or Everyone Groups: Allow Print, Deny
manage documents. I saw that it is possible to do that for 2000 and XP, but
I did not find anything about setting Deny manage documents for NT.

So, my first question is: Is it possible to set Deny manage documents for NT
4.0 in some other manner??

Later, I realized that registry value
ame>\Security is changing when I change the printer security settings. I was
thinking of modifying that flag within my service so that administrator
doesn't have to change the settings manually. But, since I don't know what
the bytes in that flag represent, I can only overrun previous settings about
groups and permissions, and that would make every administrator unhappy.

My second question is: does anybody knows the description of that flag, so I
could change only the needed bytes.?

And the third one is: Am I on the right track. Is it possible to set those
settings with some class or some script?

Thanks in advance


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7/13/2003 1:41:24 PM
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