Please Help! COleDateTime in VC++ 6.0

I am using VC++ 6.0 in Win 2000
When I try to use the COleDateTime function in the app
StringTmp = COleDateTime(vExpirationDate).Format(_T("%d.%m.%y %H:%M:%S"));
I get the error msg on some computers
the msg is

"Debug Assertion Failed!

Why this function doesn't work on some computer

thank you

pola (7)
5/4/2004 6:31:05 AM
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Hello Pola,

Thanks for your post. I reviewed your description carefully, and I think 
more information is needed before moving forward:

What's the value for vExpirationDate?

Did you build your program with _UNICODE? What are the computers which do 
not work, Windows 9x or Windows XP/2000/2003?

To narrow down the problem, I suggest you to split your code into two line 
to check which one will cause the problem:

COleDateTime time(vExpirationDate);
StringTmp = time.Format(_T("%d.%m.%y %H:%M:%S"));

I look forward to hearing from you.

Have a nice day!


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timhuang (89)
5/4/2004 8:20:32 AM
How you will explain this
1.The exe appl runs succesfully on the computer/directory that includes
mfc42d.dll from 6/17/1998 ver 6.0.8168.0
2.The appl sends error msg on the computer/directory that include
mfc42d.dll from 10/27/1999 ver 6.0.8665.

I get error msg on COleDateTime Time=COleDateTime(vExpirationDate)
and on Time.GetYear(), or when I am using
StringTmp.Format("%d.%s", Time.GetDay(), (LPCTSTR)Time.Format("%m.%y %H:%M:%S"))

What should I do 

thank you

pola (7)
5/4/2004 12:21:05 PM
what visual studio service pack you have ? Current is 6 perhaps you can
install that on the machine which has this problem ?

"Pola" <> wrote in message
> How you will explain this:
> 1.The exe appl runs succesfully on the computer/directory that includes
> mfc42d.dll from 6/17/1998 ver 6.0.8168.0
> 2.The appl sends error msg on the computer/directory that includes
> mfc42d.dll from 10/27/1999 ver 6.0.8665.0
> I get error msg on COleDateTime Time=COleDateTime(vExpirationDate);
> and on Time.GetYear(), or when I am using
> StringTmp.Format("%d.%s", Time.GetDay(), (LPCTSTR)Time.Format("%m.%y
> What should I do ?
> thank you,
> Pola

neelagain (74)
5/4/2004 11:30:52 PM
What is line 22 of afxwin1.inl?

"Pola" <> wrote in message
> I am using VC++ 6.0 in Win 2000.
> When I try to use the COleDateTime function in the appl
> StringTmp = COleDateTime(vExpirationDate).Format(_T("%d.%m.%y
> I get the error msg on some computers,
> the msg is:
> "Debug Assertion Failed!"
> File: afxwin1.inl
> Line:22
> Why this function doesn't work on some computer?
> thank you,
> Pola

5/5/2004 8:28:31 PM
Thank you
I installed SP5 and it works ok

pola (7)
5/6/2004 5:51:05 AM

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