Performance issue

This is my first MFC project.  Most if not all of my experiance has been
server side.

I have a front end with multiple CControlBar windows (for docking).  Some of
them need to subscribe to real time messages (stock quotes).  A seperate
thread is receiving messages off of a TCP socket.  This thread then posts
messages to the windows queues for them to retrieve data and update views.

My problem is that my CPU utlization is too high.  Before going through and
optimizing the code I want to see if there is a better (more efficent) way
to update the windows.  Currently there is just one UI thread.  All other
threads in the program post messages back to the individual windows for the
UI thread to handle.

If someone could provide some insite into if this is a good scheme for
handling real time messages I'd appreciate it.



8/1/2003 4:15:23 PM
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>My problem is that my CPU utlization is too high.

Why is it too high? Which aspect of your program is hogging the CPU?

From what you've said, we can only guess - is your thread that reads
from the socket polling - never actually waiting for an OS signal that
new data has arrived, or is it perhaps totally swamped with data? How
many threads do you have?

>I want to see if there is a better (more efficent) way
>to update the windows.  Currently there is just one UI thread.  All other
>threads in the program post messages back to the individual windows for the
>UI thread to handle.

That's a perfectly sane way of doing things. There's rarely a good
reason to have a multi-threaded UI - and they can easily get

davidl (422)
8/1/2003 8:50:23 PM
In message <>, David Lowndes 
<> writes
>That's a perfectly sane way of doing things. There's rarely a good
>reason to have a multi-threaded UI - and they can easily get

Off topic - tell that to the BeOS designers. Apparently the whole UI was 
one thread per window! Wow.

Mind you, BeOS never got anywhere, looked great, probably was, but too 
late, and Linux around the corner.

Stephen Kellett
Object Media Limited
RSI Information:
snail (185)
8/1/2003 9:43:23 PM

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