Multiple document support in MFC 7.1

I have ported my MFC codes from VS6 to .Net and found that 
I am no longer able to start a multiple document app by 
double clicking the icon of an associated document file in 
the Windows Explorer.  The VS6 versions linked with MFC6 
works fine, but the .Net versions linked with MFC7 do 
The same goes for a simple .Net/MFC7 skeleton multiple 
document app built with the .Net App Wizard.  The document 
info is being registered in the registry, but apparantly 
Windows cannot find the clicked file.

All single document apps work OK, so I wonder what can be 
missing ?

anonymous (74722)
11/13/2003 7:50:57 PM
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>I have ported my MFC codes from VS6 to .Net and found that 
>I am no longer able to start a multiple document app by 
>double clicking the icon of an associated document file in 
>the Windows Explorer.  The VS6 versions linked with MFC6 
>works fine, but the .Net versions linked with MFC7 do 
>The same goes for a simple .Net/MFC7 skeleton multiple 
>document app built with the .Net App Wizard.  The document 
>info is being registered in the registry, but apparantly 
>Windows cannot find the clicked file.


There's a missing line of code in the VC7.1 MFC sources. Use google
groups to search for occurrences of OnDDEExecute in these newsgroups
over the past few months.

davidl (422)
11/13/2003 11:52:20 PM

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