modeless message window in a regular dll?

Hello community,

I have written a regular dll that should just show a status window.
The problem is that I have no control over the application calling the
dll. The application should not be aware of the status window. The
window should just be modeless (it shouldn't block *any* application
GUI) and it should show a status message. If possible, it should have
a Close button. 
The dll uses a worker thread for requests from the application and it
uses a UI thread for socket operations. Note that I use MFC in the dll
(which could make it more comfortable to create the window - or - on
the other hand - more problematic, I don't know).

I have searched for a solution on this. All I have found is that it
seems very problematic to create such a window. I understand that I
need a message pump for handling the window. Can/Should I use the UI
thread message pump for this? Do I need a HWND of the application
(which I don't have)? Sorry for the dumb questions, but I am new to
this stuff.

Any pointers on how to do this in a clean way would be appreciated.

Best regards


6/30/2003 10:45:13 AM
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