MFC based client server application query?

Hi experts

I have developed an client server application using MFC sockets support.

The server is a dialog based application & the client is an SDI application.

I am having problem with sending data from client to server.

After starting the server application, i start the client and try to connect
& send data to server using the following code.

void CMainFrame::OnConnect()
CSimpleSDIsockclientApp  *pApp     =

   int res = pApp->ClientSocket.Create(40000);

      MessageBox("Client Socket at port no. 40000 Successfully created!");

      res = pApp->ClientSocket.Connect("",40000);

            MessageBox("Connected to Socket Server!");

            char     bBuffer[10];
            strcpy(bBuffer,"Hi how r");

            res     =     pApp->ClientSocket.Send((BYTE*)bBuffer,10,0);
           MessageBox("Unable to Connect to Socket Server!");

The client successfully connects to the server as following msgs r

"Client Socket at port no. 40000 Successfully created!"
"Connected to Socket Server!"

Also call to Send() returns 10 as sizeof bBuffer is 10.

But the OnReceive() on the server side is never invoked, which proves that
the data is not received by the server.

waiting for suggestions

davinder1 (74)
3/21/2005 11:19:10 AM
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davinder wrote:
> The client successfully connects to the server as following msgs r
> displayed:
> "Client Socket at port no. 40000 Successfully created!"
> "Connected to Socket Server!"
> Also call to Send() returns 10 as sizeof bBuffer is 10.
> But the OnReceive() on the server side is never invoked, which proves that
> the data is not received by the server.
> waiting for suggestions
> Regards

You showed us the client code, which works, instead of the server code, 
which doesn't work.  Can't help you much without relevant information. 
Have you compared your code with the CHATTER/CHATSRVR MFC sample socket 

Scott McPhillips [VC++ MVP]

3/21/2005 1:37:43 PM

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