Message with MFC in custom class #2


How can I catch messages in an other class than the view? I have a
MFC-SDI-Application which draws with OpenGL.
I'd like to have a class, which handels the keyboard input, and another
which handels the OpenGL drawing. Can i derive the new class from
CCmdTarget? Does that work, and how would an example look like?

Thank you

bla7217 (2)
9/9/2004 11:34:12 AM
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John wrote:
> Hi
> How can I catch messages in an other class than the view? I have a
> MFC-SDI-Application which draws with OpenGL.
> I'd like to have a class, which handels the keyboard input, and another
> which handels the OpenGL drawing. Can i derive the new class from
> CCmdTarget? Does that work, and how would an example look like?
> Thank you
> John

Deriving from CCmdTarget is necessary but not sufficient to make a class 
capable of receiving messages.  Messages are sent only to windows, and 
CCmdTarget is the window's message routing code.  But it has to be 
associated with a window.  (Except MFC creates an exception by rerouting 
WM_COMMAND to CDocuments.)

The neatest solution to doing what you want is to consider the view 
class to be a message routing class (because that's where the messages 
come in).  In turn, the view could contain members that it calls for 
keys and for drawing.

If you have to do something else (I don't know what constraints OpenGL 
creates) you could look into catching all keys in 

Scott McPhillips [VC++ MVP]

9/10/2004 12:02:37 AM

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