main form deactivation


I have simple question. How to catch the event when my main application
window is being minimized or sent to background by another application (no
its own window)



as_shark (1)
1/4/2007 8:58:50 AM
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>I have simple question. How to catch the event when my main application
>window is being minimized or sent to background by another application (no
>its own window)


Handle the WM_ACTIVATEAPP message.

davidl7375 (2060)
1/4/2007 9:49:26 AM
"shark" <> wrote in message 
> Hi
> I have simple question. How to catch the event when my main application
> window is being minimized or sent to background by another application (no
> its own window)

Handle the OnSize() of your main app window.  The nType parameter tells 
whether it is being minimized.

-- David

dc2983 (3206)
1/4/2007 2:05:50 PM
WM_ACTIVATEAPP will tell you when your application is being deactivated ("sent to the
background" is not the correct characterization; it is not sent to the background, the
other app is brought to the foreground.  There is a seriously important distinction here).

WM_SIZE gives you a parameter that tells you if you are being minimized, which is
unrelated to being deactivated.  Make sure you know which one you want before deciding
which one to use.  An app can remain active but be minimized; it can be deactivated
whether it is minimized or not.

On Thu, 4 Jan 2007 09:58:50 +0100, "shark" <> wrote:

>I have simple question. How to catch the event when my main application
>window is being minimized or sent to background by another application (no
>its own window)
Joseph M. Newcomer [MVP]
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1/5/2007 12:48:37 AM

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