Listbox updating problem

I have a listbox that I want to update before calling a function that querys 
for bluetooth devices, but it seems like the function is being activated 
first because the listbox does not update until after the bluetooth function 
ends.  Any ideas on how to get the listbox to update first.


m_List.AddString("Querying for Bluetooth Devices -- Please Wait!!");


nospam2791 (369)
12/28/2006 10:33:50 PM
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>I have a listbox that I want to update before calling a function that querys 
>for bluetooth devices, but it seems like the function is being activated 
>first because the listbox does not update until after the bluetooth function 
>ends.  Any ideas on how to get the listbox to update first.
>   Z.K.
>m_List.AddString("Querying for Bluetooth Devices -- Please Wait!!");

Try calling UpdateWindow after the AddString in order to get a repaint
before your blocking bluetooth function is called.

davidl7375 (2060)
12/29/2006 12:34:05 AM
Yea that works, thanks alot.  I didn't know about that one; I tried 
updatedata, but it did not work.



"David Lowndes" <DavidL@example.invalid> wrote in message
> >I have a listbox that I want to update before calling a function that 
> >querys
>>for bluetooth devices, but it seems like the function is being activated
>>first because the listbox does not update until after the bluetooth 
>>ends.  Any ideas on how to get the listbox to update first.
>>   Z.K.
>>m_List.AddString("Querying for Bluetooth Devices -- Please Wait!!");
> Try calling UpdateWindow after the AddString in order to get a repaint
> before your blocking bluetooth function is called.
> Dave 

nospam2791 (369)
12/29/2006 3:29:07 PM

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