Internal error.. any help?

Can anybody please help me in fixing this link error that i get in my
VC++ project?

LINK : error : Internal error during ReadSymbolTable
  ExceptionCode            = C0000005
  ExceptionFlags           = 00000000
  ExceptionAddress         = 0040ED6B
  NumberParameters         = 00000002
  ExceptionInformation[ 0] = 00000001
  ExceptionInformation[ 1] = 00000000
  Eax    = 40070F98  Esp    = 0012EAC4
  Ebx    = 3FFF0000  Ebp    = 004695A8
  Ecx    = C0000A40  Esi    = 40070F5C
  Edx    = 00000000  Edi    = 3FFF01C0
  Eip    = 0040ED6B  EFlags = 00010202
  SegCs  = 0000001B  SegDs  = 00000023
  SegSs  = 00000023  SegEs  = 00000023
  SegFs  = 00000038  SegGs  = 00000000
  Dr0    = 0012EAC4  Dr3    = 3FFF0000
  Dr1    = 004695A8  Dr6    = C0000A40
  Dr2    = 00000000  Dr7    = 00000000
Error executing link.exe.
Tool execution canceled by user.

I get this error when i try to build a VC++ project that uses a static
library was made using another VC++ project.

tima999 (1)
11/17/2005 8:16:14 PM
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