IHTMLDocument::Write method problem

Hello EveyOne
I am using IHTMLdocument and its method. My aim is to extract the body
of a IHTMLDocument after loading  the local html page ( saved file )
to IHTMDocument. So I just read the file into buffer , created a safe
Array and used IHTMLDocument::write method to write the contents of a
file to IHTMLDocument. It worked fine for many web pages, But when I
tried it for web page
application became NOt Responding.When I debugged the application , I
found that the IHTMLDocument::write method never returned and thats
why my application was going into Not Responding state.COde of that
function is given below.Any help appreciated !

BOOL CHtmlHiddenView::LoadHTMLDocument()

IHTMLDocument *pDoc;
HRESULT hr=CoCreateInstance(CLSID_HTMLDocument ,
                            IID_IHTMLDocument2 ,

        if (SUCCEEDED(hr) && pDoc)

        CFile f;
        HRESULT hr;

        //let's open file and read it into CString
        if (f.Open("C:\\sample.html", CFile::modeRead |
                // Open the file and read the data into buffer
                CString csWholeFile;

                // Write data into HTMLDocument
                SAFEARRAY* psa = SafeArrayCreateVector(VT_VARIANT, 0,
                VARIANT *param;
                CComBSTR bsData = (LPCTSTR)csWholeFile;
                hr = SafeArrayAccessData(psa, (LPVOID*)&param);
                param->vt = VT_BSTR;
                param->bstrVal = (BSTR)bsData;
                if (pDoc)
                        hr = pDoc->write(psa);//Never returns ...
                        hr = pDoc->close();

                        return FALSE;

                return TRUE;
                return FALSE; 

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2/9/2005 4:29:40 AM
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