I have a question with repeat open and close table


  I write one thread with use Vc6 IDE and I need repeat read data from table

  but it had throw error message when my application is runing.

  Error message is:

    This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual
    please contact the application's support team for mor information��

  My segment of code fellow:

  return false if empty data
bool CReadData::OpenTable()
   ASSERT(m_pConn != NULL);           //ado connection
   ASSERT(m_pTable_SMO != NULL);      // table
     if (m_pTable_SMO->GetState() & adStateOpen)
       m_pTable_SMO->Close();                       //close my table

    m_pTable_SMO->Open("select * from t_sminorder",  //open my table

  bool Empty = (bool)m_pTable_SMO->ADOEOF;
  if (!Empty)
   return !Empty;
 catch(_com_error *e)
     return false��

I need repeat read data from table in my thread code,

  it process repeat data in my thread
 DWORD WINAPI CReadData::Read_MO(void* lpParam)

   if( pRd->OpenTable() == false)         //read data from table

It wouldn't any exception when I add one sentence with Sleep(1000) ,
Why don't rapid read data?

I write other code in CBuilder,write simple code with repeat open and close
table, fellow

fastcall void TForm1::Button1Click(TSender : Sender)
  it is good for rapid read data from table, it explain the ADO support to
rapid  open and close operate,
 but why don't rapid close and open in VC6?

 Please master-hand give me directions....

6/8/2006 11:56:57 AM
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