how to print in dialog based project

i have datas listed below,i want to print them in table stytle  but not use 
report  control,how can i do it.thanks

F222011_T	F224041_T	F224042_T	F226021_T	L226001_T	P222012_T	P222013_T
2006-9-18  20:23:30	23	23	23	23	23	23	23
2006-9-18  20:23:31	24	24	24	24	24	24	24
2006-9-18  20:23:32	25	25	25	25	25	25	25
2006-9-18  20:23:33	26	26	26	26	26	26	26
2006-9-18  20:23:34	27	27	27	27	27	27	27
2006-9-18  20:23:35	28	28	28	28	28	28	28
2006-9-18  20:23:36	29	29	29	29	29	29	29
2006-9-18  20:23:37	30	30	30	30	30	30	30
2006-9-18  20:23:38	31	31	31	31	31	31	31
2006-9-18  20:23:39	32	32	32	32	32	32	32
2006-9-18  20:23:40	33	33	33	33	33	33	33
2006-9-18  20:23:41	34	34	34	34	34	34	34
2006-9-18  20:23:42	35	35	35	35	35	35	35

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It is fairly trivial.  Just open the printer and print.  See my printer class on my MVP
Tips site, for example, for a scheme that may form the basis of what you want to do.

On Fri, 26 Jan 2007 22:08:00 -0800, boldeagle <> wrote:

>i have datas listed below,i want to print them in table stytle  but not use 
>report  control,how can i do it.thanks
>F222011_T	F224041_T	F224042_T	F226021_T	L226001_T	P222012_T	P222013_T
>2006-9-18  20:23:30	23	23	23	23	23	23	23
>2006-9-18  20:23:31	24	24	24	24	24	24	24
>2006-9-18  20:23:32	25	25	25	25	25	25	25
>2006-9-18  20:23:33	26	26	26	26	26	26	26
>2006-9-18  20:23:34	27	27	27	27	27	27	27
>2006-9-18  20:23:35	28	28	28	28	28	28	28
>2006-9-18  20:23:36	29	29	29	29	29	29	29
>2006-9-18  20:23:37	30	30	30	30	30	30	30
>2006-9-18  20:23:38	31	31	31	31	31	31	31
>2006-9-18  20:23:39	32	32	32	32	32	32	32
>2006-9-18  20:23:40	33	33	33	33	33	33	33
>2006-9-18  20:23:41	34	34	34	34	34	34	34
>2006-9-18  20:23:42	35	35	35	35	35	35	35
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