how to know where a dll is loaded?


Is there an easy way for a dll to know where it is located, i.e. the 
path where it is loaded into memory?  I found out that using 
GetModuleFileName() I need to get the dll handle first.  But where I can 
get the handle?  Some dlls don't have DllMain(), where I suppose to get 
the handle.  Your advise is most appreciated.

jdt_young (239)
2/21/2006 10:13:38 PM
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I am still new with windows development, but I had to do something like
this.  So.. this is what I did.  I first grabbed the handle to the
window, and then grabbed the process ID.  Once I had the process ID, I
made a snap shot of all the modules within that process and iterated
over all the modules until I found my dll.

some function calls I used:

Module32Next(..) to cycle through the modules.  I had to use some
FirstModule call as well to get the first module in the process snap

I forgot how I did it exactly.  I hope this helps in any way or form.

good luck

TheFakeJon (91)
2/22/2006 4:30:38 AM

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