How to (if at all) show/hide taskbar programatically?


I'd like to be able to show and hide the windows task bar from within my app
(hide at begin and show when the app quits...).
Any ideas?

thanks, philipp

9/4/2003 3:34:04 PM
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Try the following

     HWND hWndTaskBar = ::FindWindow( TEXT("Shell_TrayWnd"), NULL );
     if ( hWndTaskBar )
               ::ShowWindow( hWndTaskBar, SW_HIDE /* or SW_SHOW */ );

Check Abdoul [ VC++ MVP ]

"Philipp Huber" <> wrote in message
> Hi!
> I'd like to be able to show and hide the windows task bar from within my
> (hide at begin and show when the app quits...).
> Any ideas?
> thanks, philipp

9/4/2003 4:43:12 PM
oh - so simple...

but - where do you get the information about the window name to look for
(Shell_TrayWnd for example) ?

thanks, philipp

9/5/2003 6:14:58 AM

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