How to get paper size from dmPaperSize returned from GetDevMode?

For example, dmPaperSize returns 1 which is DMPAPER_LETTER, how do I
calculate the paper size like in this case 8.5"x11"?

There are so many paper sizes, is there any function call to calculate
based on the return value of dmPaperSize or mapping between the value
of dmPapersize and actual size?

Thank you.

guxu (22)
8/21/2005 10:03:40 PM
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The reason I asked the question was because dmPaperLength and
dmPaperWidth are 0 for some printers.

Also, my HP laserjet returns as a color printer (dmColor = 2) from
GetDevMode call. Anyone knows why?

guxu (22)
8/21/2005 10:08:28 PM

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