How to disable a Submenu runtime


I'm working on a VC++ application.
I need to diable a menu item that has a submenu.
Could anyone give me an idea how to do that.

Thanaks in advance.

sunil.s51 (3)
1/11/2006 10:21:01 AM
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I'm assuming you have something of the form:

File	Something
	Whatever >  Stuff

and you would like to disable the Whatever item.

This is a bit tricky, particularly in MFC.  I have done this a couple times.  I've used
two different mechanisms.

The first case was in a dialog-based app, where I didn't have ON_UPDATE_COMMAND_UI
capability.  What I did there was to implement the following code in the OnInitPopupMenu

The trick is you have to use MF_BYPOSITION to do the disabling.  While you might be
tempted to observe that Whatever is the third submenu of the Something menu (and hence has
position index 2), this is the way to get software that breaks easily.  Having spent many
years fixing code that uses MF_BYPOSITION, I have been radicalized, and believe that the
*only* way to use it reliably is if the position is computed at runtime IMMEDIATELY before
the position is used.

While no scheme is perfect, this one is closer to reliable than a compile-time constant.

What I do is a tree walk down the menu tree, looking for an item in the submenu, e.g., I
believe that "Stuff" is always in the submenu (that's the weakness in this scheme, the
presumption of a specific menu item in a specific submenu.  But it is more reliable than
the presumption of a #define being reliable).  

void CSomeClass::OnInitMenuPopup(...parameters here...)
 CMenu * menu = GetMenu();   // get top-level menu
 for(int i = 0; i < menu->GetMenuItemCount(); i++)
     { /* scan top level */
       CMenu * submenu = menu->GetSubMenu(i);
       if(SearchAndDisableSubMenu(menu, i, submenu, IDM_STUFF))
      } /* scan top level */

BOOL CSomeClass::SearchAndDisableSubMenu(CMenu * menu, int pos, CMenu * submenu, UINT id)
     for(int i = 0; i < submenu->GetMenuItemCount(); i++)
        { /* search submenu */
         UINT subid = submenu->GetMenuItemID(i);
         if(subid == 0)  
             continue;  // separator
        if(subid == -1)
            { /* submenu */
             CMenu * subsubmenu = submenu->GetSubMenu(i);
             if(SearchAndDisableSubMenu(submenu, i, subsubmenu, id))
                  return TRUE;
             continue;  // submenu
           } /* submenu */
       if(subid != id)
          continue; // not of interest
      // we found the item in this submenu.  Disable the submenu
      menu->EnableMenuItem(pos, MF_BYPOSITION | (condition ? MF_ENALBED : MF_GRAYED));
      // condition represents the test that determines if the item should be enabled
     return TRUE;
    } /* search submenu */
  return FALSE;
  } // CSomeClass::SearchAndDisableSubMenu

(Note that I don't have the actual code available to me, so I'm reconstructing this
on-the-fly.  It is probably pretty close.  I am a strong believer that code should be
written so that incidental and unrelated changes do not break it.  Changing the position
of a menu item without realizing the implications means that a #define cannot be made to
work relilably.  I'd rather write and debug code like this, once, and have the program
work under years of maintenance, than have it suddenly exhibit pathologies after some
trivial change, such as adding or removing a menu item from a menu)

In the case of MFC, I handled this by having an UPDATE_COMMAND_UI handler and doing the
code shown in the OnInitPopupMenu in the update handler.  It seemed to work.  

It has been probably ten years since I did this.

On 11 Jan 2006 02:21:01 -0800, "Sunil Varma" <> wrote:

>I'm working on a VC++ application.
>I need to diable a menu item that has a submenu.
>Could anyone give me an idea how to do that.
>Thanaks in advance.
Joseph M. Newcomer [MVP]
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newcomer (15975)
1/11/2006 2:41:22 PM
I think this is what you want(1st item):

Ajay  Kalra

ajaykalra (6842)
1/11/2006 2:54:09 PM

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