How to change background color of a window that has been created.

I need to change the background of a window that has been created, can
you help?

jerryy (5)
8/12/2005 11:10:35 PM
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Hello Jerry,

> I need to change the background of a window that has been created, can
> you help?
Answer depends upon the type of window. Typically you can do this in OnEraseBkgnd. 
Certain controls respond to WM_CTLCOLOR and yet some other, like CButton, 
need to be owner drawn to change the color. 

If you have a generic CWnd, you can always specify the brush in the window 
class; so no special painting is needed. This is good when you know that 
the background will have one color all the time.

Ajay Kalra [MVP - VC++]

ajaykalra (6842)
8/13/2005 5:28:38 AM
Hi Ajay,

Thank you for your reply. The window I want to change background color
is from IE WebBrowser control. I used spy++ to find that its class name
is "IE Explorer_Server" and background color handle is NULL. I tried to
use SetClassLong( GCL_HBRBACKGROUND) to set BG color to black, but
still white background.

Thank you,


jerryy (5)
8/13/2005 12:12:07 PM

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