How to add controls to window in code (.cpp)

I'm a newbie trying to add some controls to a window in a .cpp file. 

More specifically, I created a .NET 2003 C++ MFC Application, called it TestGUI

In the function BOOL CTestGUIDlg::OnInitDialog(), I adde

	CSliderCtrl *pSlider = new CSliderCtrl()
	pSlider->Create(TBS_VERT, CRect(10,20,40,60), this, 2000)

This compiles and runs, but the slider does not show up .  What is wrong

Thanks alot!
anonymous (74722)
4/30/2004 11:46:04 PM
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Hi Vufgar -

Do this

	CSliderCtrl *pSlider = new CSliderCtrl()
	pSlider->Create(WS_CHILD|WS_VISIBLE|TBS_VERT, CRect(10,20,40,60), this, 2000)

 - Yaso

anonymous (74722)
5/1/2004 1:11:01 AM
Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you.  Consider creating a member variable of your CTestGUIDlg called m_pSlider (put it in the public: section of your CTestGUIDlg definition in the CTestGUIDlg.h file) and use it instead of the way you did it.  The way you did it, pSlider will be destroyed when OnInitDialog() finishes

 - Yasoo
anonymous (74722)
5/1/2004 1:16:02 AM
You need to make sure its visible. You can use the style WS_VISIBLE or call
ShowWindow to do it dynamically.

Ajay Kalra [MVP - VC++]

"vufgar" <> wrote in message
> I'm a newbie trying to add some controls to a window in a .cpp file.
> More specifically, I created a .NET 2003 C++ MFC Application, called it
> In the function BOOL CTestGUIDlg::OnInitDialog(), I added
> CSliderCtrl *pSlider = new CSliderCtrl();
> pSlider->Create(TBS_VERT, CRect(10,20,40,60), this, 2000);
> This compiles and runs, but the slider does not show up .  What is wrong?
> Thanks alot!

ajaykalra (6842)
5/1/2004 3:09:59 AM
First, why do you want to do this? (There are lots of valid answers, but many more wrong
ones). Depending on the answer, it may be that you simply missed CFormView, which is a way
of creating a collection of controls in a view. If you know the exact types (and maybe
even the exact number) of controls, it is pretty straightforward to create controls

First, add to your view class the appropriate variables:
	CEdit c_MyEdit;
	CScrollBar c_Colors[3]; // one each for R, G, B

then when you need to create them, just do
	c_MyEdit.Create(...parameters here...);
                   for(i = 0; i < 3; i++)
	    c_Colors[i].Create(...parameters here...);

The real problem is determining some of the parameters, such as the height and/or width of
the control. For some it isn't too hard; you can ask the system how wide the normal
control is (for example, a scrollbar might be ::GetSystemMetrics(CX_THUMB) or some similar
value wide). But remember that it is virutally ALWAYS a mistake to put any constant in for
a width or height. The actual size will depend upon the fonts used, the screen resolution,
the default system font select by the current user, etc., so if two users could log in on
the same machine the parameters would be different for each user!

My own preference is to use GetTextExtent to figure out these parameters, and even then my
preferred method is to create an invisible control on a CFormView and use its dimensions,
possibly extending the width to GetTextExtent + 2 * ::GetSystemMetrics(CX_BORDER) but
retaining the height.

Similarly, you cannot use fixed values for the coordinates of the starting and ending. On
some machines, this may result in all your controls bunched up in the upper left quadrant
of your dialog, but on another machine controls in the bottom right quadrant might even be
completely off the dialog.

One of the reasons we prefer to use CFormView (or dialog-based apps) is so we don't have
to worry about this level of detail.

So explain more about what you need; there are lots of different ways, most of them bad
(and a method that makes perfect sense in one context might actually be the Worst Possible
Way in another context)

On Fri, 30 Apr 2004 16:46:04 -0700, vufgar <> wrote:

>I'm a newbie trying to add some controls to a window in a .cpp file.  
>More specifically, I created a .NET 2003 C++ MFC Application, called it TestGUI.
>In the function BOOL CTestGUIDlg::OnInitDialog(), I added
>	CSliderCtrl *pSlider = new CSliderCtrl();
>	pSlider->Create(TBS_VERT, CRect(10,20,40,60), this, 2000);
>This compiles and runs, but the slider does not show up .  What is wrong?
>Thanks alot!

Joseph M. Newcomer [MVP]
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newcomer (15975)
5/2/2004 10:54:41 PM

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