how can i hide my dialog when the dialog initilizes

i want to hide my dialog when the dialog initilizes.i add this line in the function Mydialog::InitDialog() ,ShowWindow(SW_HIDE) but it cause a exceptaion.what should i do

anonymous (74722)
4/21/2004 5:11:02 AM
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I have found a way .
Like this:
if (m_bFlg)
       m_bFlg = false;
add it into OnPaint().
May be there someother way, let's find it.

"cyperus" <> wrote in message
> i want to hide my dialog when the dialog initilizes.i add this line in the
function Mydialog::InitDialog() ,ShowWindow(SW_HIDE) but it cause a
exceptaion.what should i do?
> thanks.

kevinlu (9)
4/21/2004 6:38:33 AM
What exactly do you want to achieve

----- cyperus wrote: ----
     i want to hide my dialog when the dialog initilizes.i add this line in the function Mydialog::InitDialog() ,ShowWindow(SW_HIDE) but it cause a exceptaion.what should i do
anonymous (74722)
4/22/2004 3:36:02 AM

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