Help Workshop fails to create usable HLP file

I am trying to compile a MS Help Workshop (ver 4.03.0002) project that I have 
been working with for over 7 years.  Now if I compile the project the 
resulting HLP file still works.

The problem is if I make any change at all (add a single character to the 
main RTF file) then the project still compiles BUT when I open the HLP file 
and drill down the Contents to any specific page (or use he index to access 
any specific page) I get a "Program Error" pop up message box that says:

winhlp32.exe has generated erros and will be closed by Windows.  You will 
need to restart the program.  An error log is being created.

I'm not sure but I beleive there is a Dr watson error log drwtsn32.log that 
shows an access violation #c0000005

I have been working with this Help project and its set of files for many 
years and recently rebuilt my machine: Win 2000 SP4 with MS office 2000 Word 
2000.  I tried other machines even other versions of Word, Wordpad.exe and 
third party RTF editors all with the same results.

This Help project is Interactive F1 help for an MFC/ATL windows form 
application written in C++ in VS 6.0.
Any advice or direction here would be greatly appreciated.
Morris1 (6)
9/18/2006 10:46:01 PM
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Hi Morris,

I have checked our internal database fro this issue, but could not find a 
similar case. It seems to be a project specific problem, that hlp project 
may have some dependencies of your previous system.

Have you tried to create a new hlp project, and import the corresponding 
files form the older one? Does the new one work?

Since we don't support the Help Workshop in the newsgroup, and the Visual 
Studio 6 product is also out of its support period. I am afraid we are 
unable to provide more help on this issue. Sorry for the inconvenience this 
may bring to you.


Best regards,

Gary Chang
Microsoft Online Community Support
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v-garych (605)
9/19/2006 5:05:21 AM

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