Help! page range prob in print

   I worked on print.Everythings working perfectly except 
one When i set the PageRange option to 'ALL' 
option and press print button..instead of displaying only 
the pages which has information ..its displaying that all 
pages from 1 to 65535 r going to be printed.
    How do i remove this problem?

vanisri (12)
11/7/2003 1:49:31 AM
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 I thing you may failed to set the maximum number of pages to print.
   Check CPrintInfo::SetMaxPage(nMaxPage); method


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"vani" <> wrote in message
> Hi
>    I worked on print.Everythings working perfectly except
> one When i set the PageRange option to 'ALL'
> option and press print button..instead of displaying only
> the pages which has information ..its displaying that all
> pages from 1 to 65535 r going to be printed.
>     How do i remove this problem?
> thanks,
> vani

jibesh.vp (92)
11/7/2003 3:22:32 PM

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