getting a users and usergroups

This isn't really a mfc question more a win32 question.
I've googled and search msdn but I havn't found any good information.
I need to (on w2k) make a list of users and usergroups on the domain.

any thoughts of what functions I should look in to?


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7/10/2003 12:33:39 PM
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On Thu, 10 Jul 2003 17:32:04 +0200, Niklas Olsson wrote:

>But when I try to enum groups I get back "None" (with both NetGroupEnum and
>the NetQuery...)

You'd better post your code here (just the NetGroupEnum version) so we
can take a look. Just the function that sets up the structs and calls
NGE, but make sure to include the declaration and initialisation of
the data you're using.

Bob Moore [WinSDK MVP]
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bobm (116)
7/10/2003 10:30:21 PM

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