ERROR_NO_TOKEN-CreateDispatch fails


I'm want to use DIAdem 9.x( It's an application) Automation Object in 
VC++.but my CreateDispatch returns the Win32 error code (GetLastError) - 1008

Error Details:
GetLastError returns:    1008
Win32 Error Code    : ERROR_NO_TOKEN
Description:		An attempt was made to reference a token that does not exist. 
What does that mean "An attempt was made to reference a token that does not 
exist. " ? How can i get this executed ?

But  the Automation Object created for "DIAdem.toCommand" succeds in 
VBScript ?

Please find the code snippet below.

code snippet:
This is a Win32 COM DLL.
I'm calling the CreateDispatch function in the worker thread,

DWORD  dwThreadId;
	if((m_hinstance = CreateThread(
		 &dwThreadId)) == NULL)
		return S_FALSE;

DWORD WINAPI appthread(LPVOID lpParam)	
	COleException *err = new COleException;
 	_ApplicationApp app; 
	if( app.CreateDispatch("DIAdem.tocommand", err) == FALSE)

		// here it fails.
		CString f;
		f.Format("%u,GetLastError() ");
return 0


Sudhakar (6)
9/9/2008 5:48:01 AM
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