Dynamic Menu update

Hi All,

          I need to update a menu item dynamically, setting its SetCheck 
property to either true or false, based on a user operation. I am trying to 
do this from a custom function. Usually, the pCmdUI pointer is used. But how 
do I do it from another function?


r_ayaz1 (9)
11/15/2005 1:53:26 PM
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Your "other function" should change some setting. In your
ON_UPDATE_COMMAND_UI handler, you should check that setting and call
SetCheck as needed.

Ajay Kalra

ajaykalra (6842)
11/15/2005 3:35:05 PM
In addition to Ajay's response, this page may help you:



"Ayaz" <r_ayaz1@yahoo.com> wrote in message 
> Hi All,
>          I need to update a menu item dynamically, setting its SetCheck 
> property to either true or false, based on a user operation. I am trying 
> to do this from a custom function. Usually, the pCmdUI pointer is used. 
> But how do I do it from another function?
> Thanks

tserface (3861)
11/15/2005 4:01:22 PM

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