drawitem : how to know in witch rows is the item ?

i want to draw my control list items with OnDrawItem :
but how to know in witch rows is the item ?

I don't really understand what mean id and sub id.

 Is ID for the line and subID for the row ?

 If yes, how can i know the subID when the LPDRAWITEMSTRUCT give me only an
ID ?

 thank's for help :)

7/2/2003 8:58:06 PM
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yoshi wrote:

>i want to draw my control list items with OnDrawItem :
>but how to know in witch rows is the item ?
>I don't really understand what mean id and sub id.
> Is ID for the line and subID for the row ?
> If yes, how can i know the subID when the LPDRAWITEMSTRUCT give me only an
>ID ?
> thank's for help :)

You're talking about the Windows listview control, which MFC wraps with
CListCtrl, right? As opposed to the Windows listbox, which MFC wraps with
CListBox. If so, you need to look into the NM_CUSTOMDRAW message and the

Doug Harrison
Microsoft MVP - Visual C++
dsh (2498)
7/2/2003 9:22:11 PM

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