Determining if path name exist

How do I find out if a Path Name exist.

I have a CString that contain a Path Name (no file name associated
with this path name). All I want to do is determine if this path name
exist and if it doesn't, prompt the user that the path name does not
exist and if the path name should be created.



jvasquez (6)
1/28/2004 5:17:10 PM
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On Wed, 28 Jan 2004 09:17:10 -0800, John <>

>How do I find out if a Path Name exist.
>I have a CString that contain a Path Name (no file name associated
>with this path name). All I want to do is determine if this path name
>exist and if it doesn't, prompt the user that the path name does not
>exist and if the path name should be created.

have a look at the API

1/28/2004 5:47:27 PM
attention: MakeSureDirectoryPathExists() creates the path, if he doesn't

if u are looking for if a directory exists, use PathIsDirectory(....)

kg muechel

Muechel (42)
1/28/2004 6:16:48 PM
        BOOL bPathExists = ( INVALID_FILE_ATTRIBUTES != GetFileAttributes(
sPathName ) );

Check Abdoul [VC++ MVP]
"John" <> wrote in message
> How do I find out if a Path Name exist.
> I have a CString that contain a Path Name (no file name associated
> with this path name). All I want to do is determine if this path name
> exist and if it doesn't, prompt the user that the path name does not
> exist and if the path name should be created.
> Thanks
> John

1/28/2004 6:17:36 PM
I tried PathIsDirectory but I'm getting a compile error,
'PathIsDirectory' : undeclared identifier.

How do I get the compiler to recognize PathIsDirecotory? What include
file am I missing. I'm using this in a CView class.


On Wed, 28 Jan 2004 19:16:48 +0100, "M�chel" <> wrote:

>attention: MakeSureDirectoryPathExists() creates the path, if he doesn't
>if u are looking for if a directory exists, use PathIsDirectory(....)
>kg muechel

jvasquez (6)
1/28/2004 11:45:35 PM
Thanks, I'll check this one out. Used it, forgot about it.


On Wed, 28 Jan 2004 13:17:36 -0500, "CheckAbdoul" <checkabdoul at mvps
dot org> wrote:

>        BOOL bPathExists = ( INVALID_FILE_ATTRIBUTES != GetFileAttributes(
>sPathName ) );

jvasquez (6)
1/28/2004 11:49:56 PM
PathIsDirectory and all other path functions are defined in Shlwapi.h

see msdn

all path functions :

PathAddBackslash, PathAddExtension, PathAppend, PathBuildRoot,
PathCanonicalize, PathCombine,
PathCompactPath, PathCompactPathEx, PathCommonPrefix, PathFileExists,
PathFindFileName, PathFindNextComponent, PathFindOnPath, PathGetArgs,
PathGetDriveNumber, PathIsContentType, PathIsDirectory, PathIsFileSpec,
PathIsPrefix, PathIsRelative, PathIsRoot, PathIsSameRoot,
PathIsSystemFolder, PathIsUNC,
PathIsUNCServer, PathIsUNCServerShare, PathIsURL, PathMakePretty,
PathMatchSpec, PathParseIconLocation, PathQuoteSpaces, PathRelativePathTo,
PathRemoveBackslash, PathRemoveBlanks, PathRemoveExtension,
PathRenameExtension, PathSearchAndQualify, PathSetDlgItemPath, PathSkipRoot,
PathStripToRoot, PathUnmakeSystemFolder, PathUnquoteSpaces

kg muechel

Muechel (42)
1/29/2004 11:01:40 AM

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