Daylight saving time Strange behaviour


I have created an application where I am using
 CTime(  int nYear,int nMonth,int nDay,int nHour,int nMin,int nSec,int
nDST = -1);
 Constructor to change the dates to UTC before saving them to
I have set my timezone to Easterntime(US&Canada) which is 5 hrs behind

I entered the following date, 01\11\2006 12:00:00PM.When its converted
to UTC,the date its showing is 01\11\2006 4:00:00PM.

In 2006,DST ended on 29\10\2006,thus ideally it should show
01\11\2006 5:00:00PM.
This behaviour is shown for dates ranging from 30\10\2006 to

Analysing the issue,I checked my system date and it was some date of
year 2007.
I checked the DST start and end dates for the year 2007 and came to
know that they are ending on 04\11\2007.Since the above constructor
automatically adjust the daylight saving time thus it might be
possible that it is picking the system dates to decide the DST rather
the the dates entered through the program.

Can anyone suggest any method where in I can automatically calculates
the DST on the basis of the dates enterd in the program.(not on the
basis of system dates)


2/4/2008 7:07:46 AM
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Any Inputs on this.


2/5/2008 5:56:25 AM

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