CreateProcess CreatePipe - gather Stderr output not working

Im trying to create a process and send the output to a pipe which I
read after the
process runs so I can see whats wrong.  In this case Im trying to call
it with pscp
(which is why I hardcoded the error Im looking for btw).  Ive tried
googling this and
Ive seen many variations of this code, but so far I cant get it to
work the way I was
expecting it to.

In my debug output, ReadFile Avail <0> is as far as it gets and then
I know its hanging because when I do it in the command line It also
hangs with the
string Im looking for, "Server refused our key", but I cant see why
the following code
isnt getting my Stderr output as I want.  And yes, Im a newbie still.

Id appreciate any help on getting this to work and bulletproofing it
more also.

bool doSystem(LPSTR cmd)
	HANDLE read_stderr, wr_stderr;

        STARTUPINFO si;
	ZeroMemory(&si, sizeof(si));
	si.cb = sizeof(si);	// Must set the size of structure

	sa.nLength = sizeof(SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES);
       sa.bInheritHandle = FALSE;
       sa.lpSecurityDescriptor = NULL;

       if (!CreatePipe(&read_stderr, &wr_stderr, &sa, 0))  //create
stderr pipe
 		dmsg(TERR, "CreatePipe %d", GetLastError());
                return false;

      si.wShowWindow = SW_HIDE;
      si.hStdError = wr_stderr;

	BOOL ret = CreateProcess(NULL, cmd, NULL, NULL, FALSE,
                            CREATE_NEW_CONSOLE, //CREATE_NO_WINDOW,
			NULL, NULL, &si, &pi);
	if (!ret)
		dmsg(TERR, "CreateProcess FAILED");
                return false;
	//WaitForSingleObject(pi.hProcess, INFINITE);

	dmsg(TINFO, "Process Started");

	char buf[MAX_BUF];
	DWORD bread, avail;

	if (!PeekNamedPipe(read_stderr, buf, MAX_BUF - 1, &bread, &avail,
		dmsg(TERR, "PeekNamedPipe stderr");
		dmsg(TINFO, "ReadFile Avail <%d>", avail);
		ReadFile(read_stderr, buf, 1023, &bread, NULL);
		dmsg(TINFO, "bread <%d>", bread);
		dmsg(TINFO, "BUF: <%s>", buf);
		if (bread > 5)
			if (!strcmp(buf, "Server refused our key"))
				dmsg(TERR, "Server refused our key");

	return true;
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