Create MDI Child inside a thread?

I have attempted this through a CWinThread derived class but have been
unable to get the window creation to work correctly. This is what I have so

BOOL CSecurityFrameThread::InitInstance()
                CRuntimeClass *pRT = RUNTIME_CLASS( CSecurityFrame );
     CFrameWnd *pFrame = (CFrameWnd *)pRT->CreateObject();

     CCreateContext ct;

     ct.m_pCurrentDoc = NULL;
     ct.m_pCurrentFrame = (CFrameWnd *)m_pParent;
     ct.m_pLastView = NULL;
     ct.m_pNewDocTemplate = NULL;

     BOOL bSuccess = pFrame->LoadFrame(IDR_TRUSSVIEWER, WS_VISIBLE |

     if( !bSuccess )
          pFrame = NULL;
     return TRUE;

The code fails in

BOOL CMDIChildWnd::Create(LPCTSTR lpszClassName,
     LPCTSTR lpszWindowName, DWORD dwStyle,
     const RECT& rect, CMDIFrameWnd* pParentWnd,
     CCreateContext* pContext)

        HWND hWnd = (HWND)::SendMessage(pParentWnd->m_hWndMDIClient,
          WM_MDICREATE, 0, (LPARAM)&mcs);

The message seems to fail and therefore the MDI Child never created. This
works fine if I create the frame window from the main thread (using the same

Thanks in advance :)

coderman (1)
11/12/2003 4:59:19 PM
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Hi Craig,

Multithreading your UI can be "challenging". Especially with MFC, which
stores handle maps per thread. You might find the MTMDI sample helpful.

Ed Dore [MSFT]

This post is "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

eddo (46)
11/13/2003 4:34:47 AM

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