Connection Manager API problem #2

1) Connection Manager API establish the connection and connection
handle is returned which is implemented on 'Connect' button.

2) The connection handle returned by the API to establish connection
is the input for the API to check the connection status which we have
implemented on the 'ConnStatus' button click.The status is returned
successfully till the connection is there through Connection Manager
If click on 'Disconnect' button and Connection is Released then on
click of 'ConnStatus' returns E_Fail. but actual device connection is
still there.

Why this connection is still there?Even after disconnect Ping Code
returned is successful.How?

3) The alternate way to check the connectivity is to make the another
connection and get the status then terminate, which is implemented in
'ConnAvail' button.It returns the two status i.e.
3a. If connection is established then message in Multiline edit box
appears as Connection is Up.
3b. If connection fails then message in Multiline edit box appears as
Connection fails
 Is there any alternate way to check for the  connection status with
device through wireless connectivity.

API used are


3/28/2007 1:48:13 PM
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