Code of the original CFrameWnd::OnDDEExecute is buggy & doesn't wo

I had encountered a problem with DDE support and processing while using MFC7.1 
Open this routine's source located in a file "winfrm.cpp", and see for your 
very self. 

CFrameWnd::OnDDEExecute, (files: afxwin.h and winfrm.cpp)

The following code is provided by Microsoft
// get the command string
	TCHAR szCommand[_MAX_PATH * 2];
	LPCTSTR lpsz = (LPCTSTR)GlobalLock(hData);
	int commandLength = lstrlen(lpsz);
	if (commandLength >= _countof(szCommand))
		// The command would be truncated. This could be a security problem
		TRACE0("Warning: Command was ignored because it was too long.\n");
		return 0;

There are two hints here:
1. Hint (most important)
The thing is that  in a furhter call to AfxGetApp()->OnDDECommand(szCommand) 
szCommand goes uninitialized!!!  That code is not safe, however DDE would not 
work anyway (the better thing would be if 0 == szCommand[0]) !!!

2. Hint (less significant)
LPCTSTR lpsz .... and this guys use lstrlen(lpsz)! What if I compile my 
program with _UNICODE, UNICODE defined?

I had made some modifications to the code above and got the things working!
	TCHAR	szCommand[_MAX_PATH * 2];
	LPCTSTR lpsz = (LPCTSTR)GlobalLock(hData);

	if ( _tcslen(lpsz) >= _countof(szCommand) )
		// The command would be truncated. This could be a security problem
		TRACE0("Warning: Command was ignored because it was too long.\n");
		return	0;

	// copy command data to our buffer and perform unlock operation
	_tcscpy(szCommand, lpsz), GlobalUnlock(hData)

This code I give possesses no bugs mentioned above. What do you people think 
about the matter? I'd spent some time to locate a problem of non-functional 
DDE in the project and finally got the solution. This might save your time 

I hope Microsoft would fix their code.

lex57ukr (1)
11/24/2004 12:17:05 PM
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> 2. Hint (less significant)
> LPCTSTR lpsz .... and this guys use lstrlen(lpsz)! What if I compile my 
> program with _UNICODE, UNICODE defined?

lstrlen has a flavour for Unicode.  On the other hand, it is deprecated and 
should not be used.
2/12/2005 6:57:04 PM

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