CMap query


I have a text file and i read the complete file and build a FILELIST -
Files &
GROUPLIST - groups like odbc,,jet40, jet35

The Group list in the file consists of values like

version | odbc |  430
version | Jet40 | 430
version | Jet35 | 430
version | oledb | 430

version | odbc |  440
version | Jet40 | 440
version | Jet35 | 440
version | oledb | 440

The File List consists of values like

FILE | odbc | <COMPLETE path of odbc file like odbc32.dll>
FILE | odbc | <COMPLETE path of odbc file like odbcji32.dll>

FILE | oledb | <COMPLETE path of oledb dll1>
FILE | oledb | <COMPLETE path of oledb dll2>
FILE | oledb | <COMPLETE path of oledb dll3>

I completely build the filelist & grouplist

when i build the group list i have one pre-condition, depending on the
version here - 430/440 and depending on the version on my system - 440,

i set a boolean value to true inside the groupList when i build the

The problem arises when i am trying to write the files to a log file
only for the group for which the variable boolean is set to TRUE

But i am not able to do this

This part of the code looks like ..

                        POSITION pGroupList = NULL;
               CString csKey,csValue;//,csFilePath;
               pGroupList= DBGroupList.GetStartPosition(); //start pos
group list

                  while (pGroupList != NULL)

                    if(DBGInfo.m_bRequired==TRUE) // only when Boolean
is set to TRUE
                       POSITION pFileList = NULL;
                      CString csKey1,csValue1,csFilePath;
             pFileList = DBGInfo.m_dbFileList.GetStartPosition(); //
start pos
of files set
                      while (pFileList != NULL)
                       //i am not able to read only the files for the
group for  which the
                       //boolean value is et to TRUE
                      // it is scanning the entire the entire file and
giving me all the files
                      //present in FILELIST
csKey1,csValue1 );

                  csKey = "";

Can some one help to read & log only the file for which i have set the
BOOLEAN to true? 


3/26/2006 8:15:54 AM
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