CIPAddressCtrl background image


how is it possible to add a background image to a CIPAddressCtrl
control generated by the resource editor?

I`ve written my own subclass (CImageIpAddress), where I can change the
textcolor as well as the text-background-color in the OnCtlColor

Moreover I integrated a OnPaint() method where the background-image
should be created - but it failed... At the moment only the points
between the edit control fields are gone....

CImageList  m_ImageList;
BITMAP         m_bitmap;
CRect          m_rectBtn;
BOOL           m_bLoaded;

void CImageIpAddress::OnPaint()
  CDC *pDC = GetDC();

      m_ImageList.DrawIndirect(pDC ,
         CPoint( m_rectBtn.left, ),
         CSize( m_bitmap.bmWidth , m_bitmap.bmHeight ),
         CPoint( 0 , 0 ) ,


And here`s the function to load the image.

void CImageIpAddress::SetIpAddrImg(UINT uiImage)
   CBitmap bitmapImage;

   if( bitmapImage.LoadBitmap( uiImage ) )
       bitmapImage.GetObject( sizeof( m_bitmap ) , &m_bitmap ); =0;m_rectBtn.left =0;
       m_rectBtn.right = m_bitmap.bmWidth; m_rectBtn.bottom

       if( m_ImageList.Create( m_bitmap.bmWidth ,
m_bitmap.bmHeight ,ILC_COLORDDB,1 ,2) )
	 m_ImageList.Add( &bitmapImage ,&bitmapImage);
	m_bLoaded = TRUE;

Maybe someone could give me some hints to integrate a background image
to this control. On other controls this method is working.

best regards
6/28/2010 2:09:48 PM
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