CInternetSession::OpenURL don't report wrong http URL


I used OpenURL to download a binary file by http.
To my surprise, even if the url is wrong, it return pfile.
Is there a way to know the wrong url?

Thank you

My codes:
 pfile = (CInternetFile*)m_pInetSession->OpenURL(, 1,
  INTERNET_FLAG_TRANSFER_BINARY, "Accept: */*\r\n\r\n", -1);

   if (pfile) return pfile;

  catch (CInternetException* pEx)
   bSuccess = false;
    TCHAR sz[1024];
    pEx->GetErrorMessage(sz, 1024);

Kelvin_gl (33)
8/27/2005 2:21:25 AM
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"Kelvin" <> wrote in message 
> Hi,
> I used OpenURL to download a binary file by http.
> To my surprise, even if the url is wrong, it return pfile.
> Is there a way to know the wrong url?
> Thank you
> My codes:
>  try
>  {
> pfile = (CInternetFile*)m_pInetSession->OpenURL(, 1,
>  INTERNET_FLAG_TRANSFER_BINARY, "Accept: */*\r\n\r\n", -1);
>   if (pfile) return pfile;
>  }

I believe if you examine the contents of pFile, you will see that you got an 
html file that says "File not found" or whatever the server decides to give 
back to you.

The way I check for an error after OpenURL returns is:

  // Check HTTP header to make sure we didn't open an HTML file that says 
"File not found!"
  CHAR szBuffer[80];
  DWORD dwLen = sizeof(szBuffer);
     if ( !m_hInternetFile ||
          !HttpQueryInfo ( m_hInternetFile, HTTP_QUERY_STATUS_CODE, 
szBuffer, &dwLen, NULL) ||
          atoi (szBuffer) >= 300 )
        // There was a problem opening the file


dc2983 (3206)
8/27/2005 6:17:05 PM

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