CAnimateCtrl::Open( ***Load from resource-only DLLs***)

Hi All;
How to load resource (AVI) from a resource-only Dll?
CAnimatedCtrl::Open. accepts only ID.
BOOL Open(
CAnimateCtrl::Open( ***Load from resource-only DLLs***)

Thank You.

renato (5)
10/20/2003 11:55:31 PM
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"Renato Tegon Forti" <> wrote in message
> Hi All;
> How to load resource (AVI) from a resource-only Dll?
> CAnimatedCtrl::Open. accepts only ID.
> BOOL Open(
>    UINT nID
> );
> CAnimateCtrl::Open( ***Load from resource-only DLLs***)

You might could SendMessage it an ACM_OPEN or use the Animate_OpenEx macro,
both of which support an HINSTANCE as of cc version 4.71.
Jeff Partch [VC++ MVP]

jeffp (1711)
10/21/2003 12:46:45 AM

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