Can you call SetWindowText on a modal form?

I have a DLL that is called by Visual Basic and which 
displays a modal form. I have compiled this DLL and it 
works perfectly, apart from the fact that I want to be 
able to pass it a string to display in the title bar, but 
the SetWindowText function doesn't seem to do anything.
My code is shown below. Any help would be much appreciated.

void __stdcall GetLogin(BSTR appname, BSTR caption, BSTR* 
username, BSTR* password, bool reshow)
	//read the current username from the registry for 
this application
	CString currentuser = theApp.GetProfileString

	//read the current password from the registry for 
this application and decrypt it
	CString currentpassword = Encrypt(

	//variables to represent new password
	CString retuser, retpass;
	if(reshow || (currentuser.GetLength() == 0))
	{ //if we need to show the form because either 
there is no existing username or because we are told to...
		Login flogin;
		//update the caption of the form

		//show the form modally

		//retrieve the values entered
		retuser = flogin.m_Username;
		retpass = flogin.m_Password;

		//update the registry settings for this 
application, after encrypting the password
USERNAME, retuser.operator LPCTSTR());
			Encrypt(retpass).operator LPCTSTR
		//if values already exist in registry, 
just set return values to these
		retuser = currentuser;
		retpass = currentpassword;

	//copy return values to byref parameters passed in
	LPCSTR luser = retuser.operator LPCTSTR();
	LPCSTR lpass = retpass.operator LPCTSTR();
	*username = SysAllocStringByteLen(luser, 
	*password = SysAllocStringByteLen(lpass, 


anonymous (74722)
11/26/2003 9:22:36 AM
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  Till you call Create or DoMoal function of Dialog, dialog windows doesn't
be created.
  So when you call SetWindowTest(...), there is no window to display the

  If you wanna control the modal dialog box test from outside of the dialog,
  add function SetWindowTitle(LPCSTR pstr) and contain the name.
  And then call SetWindowText(..) in overrided OnInitDialog().

  class CTestDialog : public CDialog
      void SetWindowTitle(LPCSTR pstr);
    CString m_strTitle;

void CTestDialog::SetWindowTitle(LPCSTR pstr)

void CTestDialog:;OnInitDialog()

yjkim (7)
11/26/2003 9:34:57 AM

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