Can my MFC Regular DLL run in C++ and Visual Basic?

I have an MFC based dialog application that I want
to convert to a DLL.

So, as a test, I created a simple MFC Regular DLL
that is statically linked to MFC.  The DLL has two
functions: one to add two ints and return the
result and the other to run a dialog contained in
the DLL.

I can build a simple MFC client app to test the
DLL and it works.  But when I try to run the DLL
using Visual Basic I get a 'Bad calling
convention' error. Apparently, this can be solved
by adding _stdcall to the exported functions.  As
I understand it, the problem is due to the fact
that there is a difference between the way c++ and
Visual Basic expect functions to clean up the

1.  Is it possible to create an MFC Regular DLL
that can be used by any c, c++, MFC or Visual
Basic client application?

2.  Or do people create two versions: one using
the _cdecl convention and the other using the
_stdcall convention?

Thanks for any suggestions,

zlingle (9)
2/21/2004 4:10:17 PM
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>1.  Is it possible to create an MFC Regular DLL
>that can be used by any c, c++, MFC or Visual
>Basic client application?

Yes - just specify your C/C++ functions as __stdcall.

Ensure that any 'C'/C++ callers have the same fully defined function
prototype definition in the header file you supply.

davidl7375 (2060)
2/22/2004 1:32:36 PM

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