Can I create a CScrollView popup window?


My application displays video from a firewire camera.
The video is displayed in a CScrollView derived window
that I create in CMainFrame::OnCreate() like this:

m_pImageView = new CImageView;
m_pImageView->Create(NULL, NULL, WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE,
   rClient, this, AFX_IDW_PANE_FIRST, NULL))

Now, when the user stops the video, they can click a toolbar
button that pops up a CWnd derived window that displays all of
the image data on a particular line of video. So, if the camera
is spewing out 8-bits per pixel in the 800x600 mode, the popup
window would display the 800 bytes associated with whatever
line of video is currently selected by the user. When the user
moves a line up and down in the main window the data changes.

Everything to this point works great.

I would like to add a vertical scroll bar to the popup window
and I think I could do this manually by adding a CScrollBar
to the CWnd derived CDataView class, etc. But I wondering
if I could change the CDataView to derive from CScrollView.

That seems like a problem because I want a WS_POPUP
window not a WS_CHILD and also, I'm not sure what to do
about that AFX_IDW_PANE_FIRST parameter.

Is is possible to create a CScrollView popup window that
behaves similar to a modeless dialog?

Thanks for any suggestions..

nospam2504 (11)
3/20/2005 7:50:48 PM
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