Adding variables to control elements...HOW???


I made MFC Application whitl user interface. There are somo combo boxes,
check boxes,
command buttons. I want to add variables to this ellements? but when I
pressing right mouse button on
some element (for example, command button) the item Add Variable is not
accessible. What should I do???

Thanks in advance!


tim_ (2)
2/16/2004 6:44:58 PM
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I presume, you have created a dailog based application, and placed some
controls on it.
To add members corresponding to the controls, you placed,
1. Goto Class wizard ( Ctl +W )
2. It will prompt you to create a new dialog class for the dialog resource
you created. So create a new class for the dialog.
3. Select the "Member Variables" Tab. There you can see the IDs of all the
controls that you placed in the dialog.
4. Select the ID, and click "Add Variable" button, A dialog will popup where
you can select the type of the variuable you need to create ( Whether you
want to create a  variable for the control or for the text in the control. )

5. Give the variable name
and thats it.


"�����" <> wrote in message
> HI,
> I made MFC Application whitl user interface. There are somo combo boxes,
> check boxes,
> command buttons. I want to add variables to this ellements? but when I
> pressing right mouse button on
> some element (for example, command button) the item Add Variable is not
> accessible. What should I do???
> Thanks in advance!
> Timur.

jagadeeshvn (256)
2/16/2004 6:56:50 PM
Yes, those are the steps, but the 'Add Variable' button is greyed out.  How do you make it active?
cwire (1)
2/23/2004 2:21:09 PM

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