ActiveX: Reading URL content from Internet Explorer


I've written an MFC ActiveX control to display my own file format -
call it ".xyz" files - in Internet Explorer.  I've followed the
instructions at,
and sure enough when I point my IE at http://server/ my
ActiveX control is loaded.

But how do I read the content of the file?  As a hack, I'm looking at
the 'src' property of my control and using WinInet to download the file
- that works, and confirms that control is working.  But using a packet
sniffer I see that when I hit Reload, the file is being downloaded
twice, once by IE and once by my control.  That's poor - there must be
an official way for a control to get the content of the URL for which
IE loaded it...?  IE does go and fetch the resource content, but how
does the control access that content?

A few more details: The control is registered as a full-page viewer
(like Adobe's PDF viewer, for example).  The way IE implements this
behind the scenes by creating an HTML page like this:

<BODY leftMargin=0 topMargin=0 scroll=no>
<EMBED src="http://server/"
width="100%" height="100%" type="application/vnd.richie-xyz"
fullscreen="yes" />

....just in case you were wondering where that 'src' attribute was
coming from, or how this ".xyz" URL caused the ActiveX control to be
embedded in IE.

Richie Hindle

10/22/2004 1:07:42 PM
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