(KERNEL32.DLL): 0xE06D7363: Microsoft C++ Exception, close()

these are the members of my class:

class X
CResultSet m_Command[10][2];  
  ADODB::_ParameterPtr m_CP_ParentId[10][2];

than in constructor of this class I do the following:

for (int i=0;i<10;i++) {		
		m_Command[i][0].openCommand("select * from dynamic_data where
parent_id = ?");
		m_CP_ParentId[i][0] =
		m_Command[i][1].openCommand("select * from dynamic_data where id =
		m_CP_ParentId[i][1] =
Than in the CResultSet class destructor is a close() function:

	if (m_iADOCERS != NULL) {
	  try {

	  catch (_com_error e) {
		  CUtils::logAdoComError(e, m_iADOCERS);


and while closing I get 20 exceptions just becouse of the 2D table.
Any suggestions why these exceptions appear, please bug me.
When I make the table smaller, say: [5][2] I get only 10 exceptions.

best regards Simon:)
obelix1677 (12)
11/26/2003 8:26:41 AM
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